Missing Classmates

Below is a list of classmates we haven't found yet or are having difficulty finding. Do you have any information that can help us locate these people (names or whereabouts of siblings, whereabouts of parents, where they might have lived last?)

  1. Loney, Tom
  2. Mann, Tammy
  3. Mellen, Dan
  4. Ranney, Gary
  5. Whitehead, Michelle
  6. Williams, Mike


Blast from the Past

Below are some names of people who were with us through the years. The people in red were with us 3 years or more. Let us know if you know how to find any of the following people:

  1. Breeze, Michelle
  2. Burnett, Jeff
  3. Cunningham, Tracy 
  4. DeMello, George
  5. Fox, John
  6. Geror, Heidi
  7. Godu, Chris
  8. Guinn, Annette
  9. Hetchler, Tammy
  10. Himmler, Oliver
  11. Hudson, Pat
  12. Johnson, Mary
  13. Kepsel, Deanna
  14. Longstreet, Don
  15. Rathbun, Beth
  16. Sillinger, Bill
  17. Skukalek, Diane
  18. Yelnick, Jim